Friday, July 26, 2019

Ultimate Drive to Save all Media | Google Drive

Ultimate Drive to Save all Media | Google Drive

One ultimate Storage for saving all the data from mobile and desktop. Google Drive provides users with 15 gigabytes of free storage through Google One. Anyone who has google account as Gmail or Google+ can freely store any data on this drive and can access anytime and from any device. Media from Apps which are connected indirectly to google, User can even find even that information or media files by logging into Google Drive.
Many of us use Gmail, all our mails are stored in one cloud drive which is also known as Google drive. Each and every person use Google everyday for something or the other. For all the information from these Google provided sources are stored in this drive. User can get access to all the data stored from different google sources on this one app. Android users will have the inbuilt drive from Google, however it is also available in Google Play Store. Click on the below button to download Google drive app.

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Basic Details -

Developed by - Google LLC
Last Updated - June 23, 2019
Source - Free (Open)

Sharing Information -

No Bluetooth, Share it and other file transferring apps are required for sharing information between devices. User can access Google Drive from any device and share and download the files without any third party app from one device to other. Most of us use internal and external storage space to download or save files. This drive is the cloud storage for any information. All the data is saved directly to the user account with google.

No Lost of Data - 

Once the data is stored in Google Drive, user can access the information even the app is uninstalled. To delete the information permanently, user needs to open Google Drive and delete the media files.
There is an option provided by all android mobiles to save the media files as photos, videos to google Drive directly instead of mobile storage. User can even make a copy of gallery to this drive, no data is deleted even it is removed from mobile storage. User can avoid risk of losing media or other files when mobile phone is formatted or updated. Just log into google account and from drive you can download all files without any risk.

Google drive supports Word documents, Excel spread sheets, PDF files and Power Point presentations.
Using Drive you can upload files and folders directly and connect lot more google Apps to the drive to save information. There are standard apps already connected to drive are Google Forms, Sites, Drawings, Jam board.

Download the app from Play Store and access to the unlimited media files from one single drive.

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