Thursday, July 25, 2019

Solo Learn - The Best Learning App

Solo Learn - The Best Learning App

Good news for Android users, the best learning app Solo learn - learn to code is available on Google Play store. This app is the best teacher to learn anything anytime and anywhere. Many of us join institutions to learn Java or other computer languages. Here, Solo Learn provides all those courses for free and with the best teachings. There are lot of apps from Solo learn based on the languages like Python, Java, Java Script, C+ and other. Recently all these languages are integrated and made as one single app. 

This app provides courses to choose and Coding challenges. User can choose course based on categories as Web Development, Programming Languages, Data Science, Development essentials.

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Basic Details -

Developed by - Solo Learn
Last Updated - July 9, 2019
Source - Free (open)

Architecture -

Solo Learn app is designed as per the breadcrumb navigation, it divides the whole learning session into modules. User can easily find the number of lessons present in each module. There are followup questions related to each segment of lesson. This app even provides suggestion and back option feature for effective learning. User will not be able to access whole lesson at a time. Instead Solo learn master mind will provide access to user based on the completion of each lesson.

The best feature of Solo learn is, its inbuilt IDE. User does not require separate platform to execute or write the code learned. This app provides inbuilt IDE where user can run the code, edit and make do play around. If a user already has knowledge about the course learning, can take a shortcut which directly provides questions. And can learn from the lesson where knowledge is required.
This App makes user to learn from beginner to Master. After completing the selected course user will receive certificate from Solo Learn team. And can continue further by click on More on the topic to master the course.

Challenge -

Solo learn provides Challenge platform, where a user can seek help from other users for resolving the issues or debugging. And if a user feels like mastered the course and wants to challenge others regarding his learning can choose the specific course choose the opponent from the players list based on the level of challenge.
And User can take up the challenge increase the level of learning. Solo learn ranks each and every user based on the critical solution provided. Users are tagged with the rank based on their skills and problem solving methods.

Activity Feed -

Activity Feed is a community where all users share something about their knowledge or stories like Instagram or Facebook post to inspire each and everyone. There is an advantage of getting help from the Activity feed in case of any unsolved problems. Solo learn has huge and greater community with people of different skills.

Solo Chat -

User can chat with other Solo Learn users or the development community for any problems or question related to the core subject. For better understanding and effective learning. User can find answers to the similar questions by searching in the chat. It provides more relevant and easy understandable techniques.

Apart from these features this app even provides Quiz factory based on the selected course Solo learn will suggest a different quiz like Multiple choice, Guess the output and Fill in the blank(s).
User can set the reminder with the duration and time for the completion of course and Solo learn will track each and everyday progress and reminds user to take lessons. It is the app which motivates the user to learn.

Download the Solo learn - Learn to Code app from google play Store by clicking the above button and start exploring to the best teachings and master the course with great learning experience.

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