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Note Pad for Android and iPhone | Evernote

Note Pad for Android and iPhone | Evernote

It is obvious that human brain does not remember each and everything and most of us relay upon text pad or note pads for important notes to remember. But many of the times we do not carry these note pads along with us. What if we need to write something important? There are many apps in Google Store and App Store for note taking and remembering the important schedules or events. And for few Android or iPhone mobiles there is an inbuilt or default App (Google Keep) from Google. However, this article is related to one of the best Note pad or text pad for Android and iPhone users.

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Basic Details:
Developer: Evernote Corporation
Last updated: Dec 19, 2018
Source: Free (open)

Audio Notes - 

Evernote enhances the traditional way of note writing with its Audio note recording feature. User can record the important things to remember as just using a recorder in a mobile. And the recorded note is added directly saved to the screen. User can listen to the recorded note anytime.

Attachment - 

User can attach the media from the gallery or drive to the notes as a reference. Sometimes references are the best options to remember. A screen shot of Map with the location can be the great note to remember the address of some specific person.

Reminder -

Setting up the time to remember is the great feature of any note taking app. User can setup specific time as a schedule to do list and work on them effectively without delay. Choose the specific note and add reminder by providing time and date to perform the activity noted.

Handwriting -

Handwriting is the basic feature that most of us do not use instead of typing. And it is difficult to write a note using handwriting feature. But it can be the best option for those who are interested in drawing. And this feature can be used as a code language, where only specific persons understand the handwritten text.

Camera -

We have an option for attaching files or media from gallery. However, Evernote provides direct camera option to click images from the note and add it as the reference. This camera opens the phone camera and provides all features to click a perfect image. And the important thing to note is, no video attachment is allowed in Evernote. User will not be able to find the Video recording option to add it as reference attachment.

Text Note -

Every note taking apps basic feature is of writing text notes. Apart from all options above, Text note is one of the important and the basic way of writing down important things just by typing.

Storage - 

Evernote uses cloud storage with Google and provides each and every note saved to the user just by logging in anytime even after uninstalling the app. All the notes are saved with user mail address and google account. For iPhone users, Evernote provides separate account of its own to login and save the work.

Download the App for free from Google Play Store or App store for iPhone users and experience the best way of writing important notes.

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