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Best Video Editor App for Android Users | PowerDirector

Best Video Editor App for Android Users | PowerDirector

Best video needs the best editor app, especially when we record video using Mobile phone. PowerDirector is the one of the most used and powerful video editor app. It comes for both desktop and mobile version. There are lot of features which PowerDirector provides like other video editing apps, however it produces the high quality of video when compared with other editors. Paid version of PowerDirector provides user to remove the water mark and can access more features.
User can download the free version from Google Play Store by clicking the below download button.

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Basic Details -

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Last Updated - June 24, 2019
Source - Free (open)

Video Import -

PowerDirector provides options to import video from Google Drive, Gallery download, Color board for making sample video edit and Captured. It also provides direct recording feature. User can click on Video capture to record and directly edit the saved video.

Creating Customized Video Using Images -

Unlike normal video editor apps, PowerDirector has the feature of creating video using images from Gallery, Google Driver and from Photo capture. User can make customized video using images and add music to make it more beautiful.

Multi - Video Addition -

User can add more than one video to edit and make it as single or continuation to the main video. Using transitions you can even separate them for better understanding, especially while creating any tutorial videos.

Clip arts and Text -

Using PowerDirector you can add Title text, Stickers and embedding videos and images to the primary video. Apart from these inbuilt clip arts user can directly download from internet.

Effects (fx) -

fx is the special features to make video more customized by adding transition effects. There are lot of default effects to make video more interesting. Like PowerPoint animation we can add Zoom in, Zoom out, Embossing, Glass effects and many more.

Editing -

The best feature of PowerDirector is its ready to edit screen. User can directly see what all effects added and can easily edit and add music and additional Videos or images. UI of PowerDirector is user friendly, Editing Screen is displayed below play.

Project Saving and Producing -

PowerDirector provides cloud save and producing options for the output of created video. By clicking on save project, video will be saved with particular date and project id specified and user can produce it anytime.
For Producing Video there are many options as Save to Gallery, Share on Facebook, Share on YouTube and Export to cloud. User can choose the best HD quality option based on the requirement. PowerDirector provides Full HD 1080p, HD 720p and SD 360p for quality differentiation.

Download the PowerDirector app from Google Play store by clicking on the button.

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