Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Best Free Note taking Apps for Android

Best Free Note taking Apps for Android

Need to note down something important or the grocery list or about an important meeting? Here are the 4 Best Free Note taking Apps for Android.

Most of us carry mobile phone every time instead of note pad or note book. And when you need to note down something important do not worry. Just download the best note taking Apps on your mobile for Free.

We have many Note taking Apps for Android in Google Play Store, however all Note Taking Apps comes with similar features as reminders, checklist and making notes. Out of all of those Note Taking apps we have found the best among them. You even have choice to download any of them for Free.

Google Keep Notes: 

Google Keep Logo

Download button of google keep

Google Keep is developed by Google and is one of the best Note taking Apps. It has good appearance setting and the notes taken are directly saved to google account.
In this Google Keep you can take audio notes, instead of writing notes. Click Audio on this Note app and start recording. Google Keep comes with the reminder option, schedule your notes and Google Keep will remind you for it. With the help of Google keep you can even take a picture which directly connects to your camera or save an image to you notes.


evernote logo

download button of evernote

Evernote is the best Note taking apps, which is more than a note making app. Evernote gives the best features when compared with other notes. User can make audio notes or text notes, apart from these the best feature is user can attach any file to notes. User can directly take pictures for notes or choose images from gallery. It even has the reminder feature which all Note taking apps have.


onenote logo

download button one note

OneNote is developed by Microsoft. The best feature about OneNote is you can connect it your Microsoft account on your computer and get all notes made on your mobile over your computer. User can take audio notes and it has best writing features like Microsoft word. User can add URL to the notes, which can be directly opened in search engine. User can add Note button to take notes directly from screen without opening OneNote.


colornote logo

download button color note

ColorNote has the basic features but it is the best professional Note taking app with lot many colors and best appearance. Color note provides the To do list which shows the notification until they are completed which is the reminding feature of ColorNote app.

Download the best note taking apps from Google play store and never miss important tasks.

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