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WPS Office | All in One Office App for Android and iPhone

WPS Office | All in One Office App for Android and iPhone

WPS Office

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Using Word Documents, Excel , PDF and Power Point is necessary in our daily life. From a Student in School to the Employee of a company, everyone uses office tools for something or the other. WPS Office provides these tools offline and for Android and iPhone Users. Many of us need Personal computers or Laptops to work on these tools. But to the users who does not carry computers every time WPS office is the best app. User can work on Documents, Excel and creating presentations using power point anytime and anywhere. It is developed by Kingsoft Office Software Inc. 

Tools of WPS Office:

Scan feature -

WPS has the basic scanner when compared with CAM Scanner. User can scan the images and convert them as Document or PPT. However WPS is a complete package of office tools, if you are looking for best scanning app then CAM Scanner is the best tool for Mobile users which gives a great quality and many features. The best of Scanning feature is text recognition, User can convert the image clicked into text. When a user wants to note down some important quotes or favorites lines to use them as WhatsApp status or Facebook post from any source. User can click a picture of the same and convert easily into text using WPS Scan tool.

Memo - 

Need to make notes or a checklist to remember something. WPS office has Memo tool, by which use can make a note of any thing important. There are many apps in Google Play Store and in App Store for note making apps. Out of which are the best, we have made an article on The 4 Best Note taking apps for Android users. However Memo in WPS has some additional features as spell checker, you can experience Microsoft word features in this Memo tool. It has export to PDF and sharing feature, by which user can explore the notes to any one. Memo in WPS is the mini Microsoft word which has inserting of shapes, text box, pictures, and table. User can format the text font and colors of font and highlight the text by highlighter and it even has find and replace feature which we use to search for the word and replace from the entire document.

Portable Document Format (PDF) -

With this Portable Document Format feature, user can convert the Word Document, Picture into PDF and can scan a document using Camera and convert that image into PDF. The best feature of this tools is user can even convert a Web page into PDF. User can input the URL of that web site and it directs to that web page using selected search engine and user needs to click share, then all the contents and text on that web site will be converted into PDF.

Spread Sheet -

Spread sheet in WPS provides various default templates apart from blank spread work book. User can make use of those templates as per the requirement. This tools is just less than a Microsoft Excel and more than Google sheets. Less than MS Excel as its small User interface and features, but more than Sheets as its provides filtering and sorting option to excel data. It has many features which Google sheets does not provide, as Data validation and text to column and inserting Pivot table. It gives the user friendly experience using Spread sheet when compared to other sheets. It even provides the functions list like Microsoft excel financial, Logical, Mathematical and Look up reference many more.

Presentation -

Just like Spread sheet, Presentation also have various templates. WPS Presentation provides different layouts to choose, and User can prepare presentations anytime and anywhere. Presentation has the best features to prepare a professional PPT. It provides to include tables, Charts , Audio, Video and Background music. There are some file options to save and to export PPT to PDF and directly share through WhatsApp and mail. User can add transitions to make a perfect presentation entry and exit of contents and manage auto play of presentation.

Document -

Use pictures, Text Box, Shapes and tables to make a professional document using WPS Document tool. Insert page numbers, Header & Footer and Hyperlinks for a detailed and user friendly document. A Special feature, Ever note which is one of the best note taking app inherited in this tool. As in Memo, there are text alignment options and font sizing, colors and Sub-scripting and Super-scripting of text.

WPS Office provides Auto upload feature, where the risk of losing documents which are not saved can automatically be upload to the drive. 

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