Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Best Scanning App for Android Mobile in 2019

The Best Scanning App for Android Mobile in 2019

Most of the times we use our Phone camera as a scanner to create the soft copies of the Documents, but the images generated does not look as professionally scanned. In that case we download a Scanning App from Google play store for App store. CamSanner is one of the best scanning Apps for Android Mobiles, is provided by INTSIG Information Co LtdIt provides user to scan any kind of paper documents, receipts ,invoices, certificates and many more.

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Document Scanning:

CamScanner provides the best quality professional scanning experience to the user. It auto-fits the document scanned and generates various editable options. User can choose the best quality scanned document and then Scanner app creates a PDF of that document.

Scanning book


Usability image

Documents Scanned with CamScanner app are saved to the cloud drive. User can make use of scanned documents by just logging into the site from any device can use the documents anytime.


Security image

CamScanner provides the user with security authentication for all the documents scanned. User can protect the documents by setting password for confidential files.

OCR feature:

OCR Image

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the best feature of this app. User can scan any image and convert the text of that image into proper text. It is the conversion of Image into text. Sometimes many of us are unable to read the writings of certain people. In that case CamScanner provides the best feature with different languages to make images into text.


sharing image

User can share the documents scanned as an attachment easily through Mail, Skype or from any other channel. CamScanner app provides Air print and direct fax features. User can directly send the scanned documents as fax to 30 countries.

QR Code:

QR Image

QR code which is embed with some specific text or number which is non readable. CamSanner can read and provides the user with best information or directs the user to search engines for any URL QR codes. 

Image to Excel:

computer image

User can covert the images scanned into excel. Sometimes it may not be possible to note down some excel data from others computer. In that case user can scan the excel data using CamScanner and then it can be accessible from the site as an Excel data. 

Download the app and enjoy the best scanning experience anywhere, anytime.

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