Monday, June 24, 2019

Super Fast Browser for Android | Google Go

Super Fast Browser for Android | Google Go

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General information -
Developed by - Google LLC
Storage - 58MB
Source - Free Download

User Interface - 

Google Go Main screen

Google Go has the customized look for its main screen. User can find two searching options, google's basic search and the Voice search. It provides to set a wallpaper to the main screen by the Setting option on the top left corner. Apart from search, Google go presents YouTube, Weather, Discover and Other Apps on the screen.

Settings - 

Google Go provides the general settings options. Wallpaper setting, User can choose wallpaper from Gallery or Drive to create a customized main screen. Language setting, Choose a primary language and also add a secondary language for suggestions while searching.
Turn on the Use lite mode to save the data while doing a basic web pages search. This app has the safe search option by which user can filter the search results which are reliable.

Inbuilt Apps -

Like other browsers Google Go provides different inbuilt apps to use. The best part its categorization, based on rankings it presents Top 10 most using apps.
Social Apps - there are different social media applications ShareChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more.
Apart from Social Apps, Google Go provides a large number of App based on usage. Entertainment, Google, Games, Sport, News, Shopping, Reference, Banking, Government, Travel, Education, Jobs, Food, Health Technology and Beauty & Fashion. This gives the global experience to the user, and no need to download one single app.

Voice Search -

Use Google Go Voice Search, and experience the best reader of web pages.  Ask Google for the information and from the search results select, then make Google to read for you.

Images and GIFs-

Google Go app provides inbuilt images based on user requirements , Inspirational quotes, Birthdays, Wallpapers, Nature. No need to search specifically for images on google, click on Images icon on main screen and find various images.

Find inbuilt Graphic interchanges by clicking on GIFs icon.

Google Go works very fast when compared with other browsers, It refines the search results and provides the reliable results. Use different apps on Google Go which are categorized for better user experience.

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