Thursday, June 13, 2019

Smart Keyboard for Android mobile Users

Smart Keyboard for Android mobile Users:

We have many inbuilt keyboards for all our android mobiles. Here is an app Swift key which gives the best features by making it as smart keyboard.
It is developed by Microsoft with a thought of Type less Do more. Swift Key provides best predictions and its Swipe functionality makes the user feel great.

User Interface: 

It is designed to look great with lot of themes, At the time of download you can find 4 different themes based on contrast. But you can download many more themes and even design your customized themes to suit your mobile.

What makes Swift Key best?

Swift Key app provides an option to manage size of keyboard on our screen which is great when we compare with other apps. User can increase or decrease the size of keyboard.

What makes it Smart?

It tracks all the words and provides the summary of words used. It has a search engine connected as Google and bing, which are mostly used to predict information related to you while sending to other.

Auto-correction and Words Prediction:

We can manage the Auto correction and prediction options. Swift key provides best prediction words as per history and other sources. As we can connect it to search engines which indirectly helps to predict appropriate words.

Best Features:

Swipe function - Swift key is very well designed for swipe words which gives the user a great experience to type. People on Messenger and WhatsApp who use most of typing. Swift key can be the best among those other keyboards.

Word Delete - When a user types the incorrect message and click to clear the incorrect word typed. Most of them clear all the message. Swift key acts a smart keyboard which clears word to word not all message at a time, which can save users to retype whole message again.

 Source to Download: Swift key is an free open source application from Microsoft. You can download app from Google Play Store.

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