Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Best Android Mobile Launcher - Nova

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher provides access to change the UI of anything on your android mobile and to manage apps according to the priority.
When you have more apps on your Android mobile and every time you need to search for apps on your mobile. Nova Launcher provides the navigation option by which you can find any app just by typing the key word.

Best Features: 

Home Screen Management

Nova launcher gives you the best options to control your Mobile home screen. Here you can change icons layout and set the Dock. Users who want their picture to be displayed as wallpaper with complete screen can disable the Dock settings.

Change the Setting for Dock as Disable and see the full screen of your mobile, in case to search for apps click on home button, you will see the all the apps on your Android Mobile Screen.

Easy Searching Apps 

A special feature for Nova launcher is we can search any app by setting the home button. Just by clicking on Home button and typing a key word for the required app, you can search the app within milli-seconds.

Night Mode

This Launcher gives an option for Night mode which we usually see while capturing pictures. There is a default Dark theme for the night Mode selection. Great feature about this Night mode, launcher can automatically change the theme to Night mode based on timings of mobile and location after changing setting for night mode as auto.

 Best features of Nova launcher, it has all the other basic   features which all other launchers have.

Source to Download: 

You can Download Nova Launcher for free from Google Play Store. You can unlock other additional features of Nova launcher which is Nova Launcher Prime costs around INR 99.

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