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Best Android Cleaner App | Clean Master

Best Android Cleaner App | Clean Master

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Many of us use cleaning apps to clear junk files and to reduce space. There are many Android mobiles which offers 64 GB or 128 GB of internal storage and we install lot many apps on our mobile assuming there is much more space. However apart from applications storage space, there are some other files which occupy your mobile storage, junk of applications which we don't even know. 

If you are interested to use more applications, download one more application which will handle all other applications junk and unwanted files storage, Clean Master. These application junk not only use mobile storage will also lag your device and cause internal damage.

We protect our Mobile device with gorilla glass and back cover from physical damage, Clean Master protects your device from internal damage.

User Interface & Features - 

Clean Master has the user friendly interface, showing the report of internal storage and RAM makes user to know the free and occupied space on the device.


It provides direct key to clean undesirable files. Click on Junk and it calculates cache, obsolete and other residual junk files and provides total space occupied by them. Clean Junk button clears total files found and reduces space.


Phone Boost will make your device works fast, it analyses Current running apps and provides total freeable space. Boost button will free up RAM space for the analyzed apps and makes them work much faster.


Clean Master provides Anti-Virus feature to protect your device from suspicious files. It scans all internal files and viruses, protects private data and ensures privacy secured.


Android mobiles are heat prone due to heavy usage. Manage your device temperature with Clean Master CPU Cooler. It gathers all running apps information and optimizes them to cool down the temperature of CPU. 

Other Tools -

Notification Cleaner -

We get many notifications from different apps and from online services. Notification Cleaner helps to clean all notifications on your device from different sources just by clicking clean all. It manages all notifications and provides information to user to clean up at regular intervals which makes the device run much faster.

Battery Saver -

Save your device from Battery draining apps. Battery Saver hibernates the most power using apps and extends device battery for sometime. 

Free Up Space Tools -

Clean Master provides direct tools to reduce space on your mobile device. App Manager shows the low usage apps to uninstall. File Manager helps to manage Gallery and other files.

Privacy Protection Tools -

App lock is the best feature provided, which protects apps usage by other users apart from device owner. 
Message Security helps all messaging apps to lock private messages.
Safe Browsing protects device from unknown or fraud sites while searching online.
Private Gallery enables protection to all gallery files, images, videos and audio files from other users.

Advanced Security -

Apart from internal storage, we use SD card (External) for additional space or to transfer files. There is a chance of external viruses on your device. Clean Master provides advanced security to scan SD card and protect device from viruses.

App Lock -

There many App Locking apps on Store to protect from usage of apps by other users apart from owner. Clean Master provides App lock feature, select the app that needs to be protected or locked.

Download Clean Master App for Free from Google Play Store and Protect your device from internal and external sources and enjoy safe browsing.

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