Friday, July 26, 2019

Ultimate Drive to Save all Media | Google Drive

One ultimate Storage for saving all the data from mobile and desktop. Google Drive provides users with 15 gigabytes of free storage through Google One. Anyone who has google account as Gmail or Google+ can freely store any data on this drive and can access anytime and from any device. Media from Apps which are connected indirectly to google, User can even find even that information or media files by logging into Google Drive.
Many of us use Gmail, all our mails are stored in one cloud drive which is also known as Google drive. Each and every person use Google everyday for something or the other. For all the information from these Google provided sources are stored in this drive. User can get access to all the data stored from different google sources on this one app. Android users will have the inbuilt drive from Google, however it is also available in Google Play Store. Click on the below button to download Google drive app.

Google Drive Logo

Google Drive download

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Solo Learn - The Best Learning App

Good news for Android users, the best learning app Solo learn - learn to code is available on Google Play store. This app is the best teacher to learn anything anytime and anywhere. Many of us join institutions to learn Java or other computer languages. Here, Solo Learn provides all those courses for free and with the best teachings. There are lot of apps from Solo learn based on the languages like Python, Java, Java Script, C+ and other. Recently all these languages are integrated and made as one single app. 

This app provides courses to choose and Coding challenges. User can choose course based on categories as Web Development, Programming Languages, Data Science, Development essentials.

Solo learn logo

Solo Learn Download

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Best Video Editor App for Android Users | PowerDirector

Best video needs the best editor app, especially when we record video using Mobile phone. PowerDirector is the one of the most used and powerful video editor app. It comes for both desktop and mobile version. There are lot of features which PowerDirector provides like other video editing apps, however it produces the high quality of video when compared with other editors. Paid version of PowerDirector provides user to remove the water mark and can access more features.
User can download the free version from Google Play Store by clicking the below download button.

PowerDirector logo

PowerDirector Download

Basic Details -

Developed By -
Last Updated - June 24, 2019
Source - Free (open)

Video Import -

PowerDirector provides options to import video from Google Drive, Gallery download, Color board for making sample video edit and Captured. It also provides direct recording feature. User can click on Video capture to record and directly edit the saved video.

Creating Customized Video Using Images -

Unlike normal video editor apps, PowerDirector has the feature of creating video using images from Gallery, Google Driver and from Photo capture. User can make customized video using images and add music to make it more beautiful.

Multi - Video Addition -

User can add more than one video to edit and make it as single or continuation to the main video. Using transitions you can even separate them for better understanding, especially while creating any tutorial videos.

Clip arts and Text -

Using PowerDirector you can add Title text, Stickers and embedding videos and images to the primary video. Apart from these inbuilt clip arts user can directly download from internet.

Effects (fx) -

fx is the special features to make video more customized by adding transition effects. There are lot of default effects to make video more interesting. Like PowerPoint animation we can add Zoom in, Zoom out, Embossing, Glass effects and many more.

Editing -

The best feature of PowerDirector is its ready to edit screen. User can directly see what all effects added and can easily edit and add music and additional Videos or images. UI of PowerDirector is user friendly, Editing Screen is displayed below play.

Project Saving and Producing -

PowerDirector provides cloud save and producing options for the output of created video. By clicking on save project, video will be saved with particular date and project id specified and user can produce it anytime.
For Producing Video there are many options as Save to Gallery, Share on Facebook, Share on YouTube and Export to cloud. User can choose the best HD quality option based on the requirement. PowerDirector provides Full HD 1080p, HD 720p and SD 360p for quality differentiation.

Download the PowerDirector app from Google Play store by clicking on the button.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Note Pad for Android and iPhone | Evernote

It is obvious that human brain does not remember each and everything and most of us relay upon text pad or note pads for important notes to remember. But many of the times we do not carry these note pads along with us. What if we need to write something important? There are many apps in Google Store and App Store for note taking and remembering the important schedules or events. And for few Android or iPhone mobiles there is an inbuilt or default App (Google Keep) from Google. However, this article is related to one of the best Note pad or text pad for Android and iPhone users.

Evernote Logo

Evernote download link
Evernote Download link for iPhone

Saturday, July 13, 2019

10 Free & Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Best Quality Video depends on best Camera Skills and also Editing. There are huge number of people who shoot videos regularly for YouTube or for any other social events.
Video editing is very important to remove unwanted shots or to create some special effects to a video clip. This article helps the people who takes videos on their Android Mobile. There are many apps on Google Play Store for video editing which are open (free) source. However there are some restrictions with the usage of these apps, which makes the user to purchase the app, water mark or the logo of the Editing App on the produced Video Clip.

Power director -

Power Director Logo
Power Director download

PowerDirector is provided by Cyberlink. A full featured video editing tool that you can use to create your own videos with all kinds of files: photos, video clips, and audio tracks. 
Any user that's ever-made use of video editing software like Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas, is going to be really quick in learning all the controls in Cyberlink PowerDirector. Using the time bar is very simple: just drag video elements. Selecting any of these elements allows you to crop them, shift them, adjust them, etc.

Adding two short clips, whether they are videos or photos, User will be able to add a transitioning effects slide. On this app there's over 30 different transitioning slides to choose from, and over 30 different visual effects for adding to any video.

Once User finished working with a video, all that needed to do is save the project and export it. Choosing video quality is simple, and you'll get to pick whether you want your file to be saved at anywhere from 360p to 1080p, depending on the material base you filmed it in.

filmora go -

filmora Go logo

filmora go download

FilmoraGo is a comprehensive video editing app which allows user to create brilliant compositions using any clip from device's memory. Of course, besides video you can also add photos to your projects.

The main strength of FilmoraGo is how easy it is to work with. On each side of the screen you have all the tools you could need, such as adding transitions, inserting music tracks, applying visual themes, and more. In the middle of the screen you can see the project preview, and at the bottom are your time controls.

Once you've finished working with your video, all you have to do is save and export the output. The un-watermarked video is then saved to your Android's memory, or alternatively, you can share it straight to any social network. 

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip logo

 Adobe premiere clip download

Adobe Premiere Clip is Adobe's official video editing app for Android. Just like the legendary Adobe Premiere for PC, this portable version lets user easily edit video right from your Android.

One of Adobe Premiere Clip's most remarkable features is the possibility to edit videos automatically. This means you can create videos using multiple photos or other clips with just a push of a button. The app takes care of everything - editing, soundtrack, transitions, etc. All user has to do is choose the files you want to include in the video.

Of course, in addition to the automatic editing tool, Adobe Premiere Clip also features a powerful manual video editor. You can cut video clips, create transitions, add songs to the video, apply image filters, and correct the color.

Video Show Video Editor

Video show logo

Video Show download

Video Maker with Music, Photos & Video Editor is an excellent video-editing app for creating high-quality movies from the comfort of your Android with video clips and photos you already have saved on your smartphone.

You can choose between various tools on the main menu. With 'edit video,' you can work on your video clips and edit them; while with 'my studio,' you can view all your work and continue working on the projects you've started.

Once you've chosen the videos you want to work with, you can start using the available tools on Video Maker with Music, Photos & Video Editor. You can add amazing effects to transform any video into an action movie, add music, flip or rotate the image, and more.

 KineMaster -

KineMaster logo

KineMaster download

KineMaster a video-editing tool that combines a well-designed interface with a great user experience and a wide range of potent features so you can create the videos you want exactly how you want them.

Using KineMaster is very simple: just choose the content you want to add to your video in the order that you want it and add a title to the final composition. After this, you can choose an overall theme for your video, which will also add an introduction. This is all you have to do ... but, of course, you can also edit in greater depth if you want to.

Although it's slightly more complicated, in KineMaster you can edit the video directly from the timeline. This lets you add different types of transitions between video fragments (either photos or videos) and even add blocks of text or subtitles.

When you finish editing, KineMaster lets you save your project directly to your device in different qualities. And, of course, you can also upload the video directly to your Facebook or YouTube accounts

Quik -

Quik logo

Quik download

Quik is an app that lets you create great videos from photos or other clips on your smartphone. In just a few seconds, this app analyzes all the content you selected and it automatically puts together a nice looking video adding transitions and a soundtrack. 

Quik users can choose among up to 20 different styles for their videos, that will radically upgrade your resulting video. You'll also be able to customize your video by adding text, filters, music, and other effects. All of this is easy with Quik's simple and elegant interface. 

Even though Quik automatically handles most of the video processing, it'll also let you get involved by letting you customize much of the fine details. For example, you'll be able to crop videos that you add, change the focus point in photos, and of course, reorganize elements within your video. In this last case, you'll also be able to change video formats. 

Once you've finished your creation, all you'll have to do is save it onto your phone. You'll get to set whether you want your video to be saved in 720p or 1080p. 

VivaVideo - Free Video Editor -

VivaVideo: Free Video Editor is a video editing tool that allows you to work with videos and images to create your own video montage directly on your Android device.

In the main menu of VivaVideo: Free Video Editor, you can choose if you want to record a video directly from the app, or if you prefer to pass directly to the montage phase using photos and videos. If you choose the second option, you will have to choose which videos and images you want to add to the video.

Once you have selected the multimedia material that you want to use, you can start using all of the tools that VivaVideo: Free Video Editor offers you. You can cut and paste videos, add different types of transitions (cuts, fades, etc.), apply many kinds of filters, and much more.

Funimate -

Funimate Logo

Funimate download

Funimate is a combination of a social network and music video editor. With the Funimate app users can create their music videos, adding cool effects with just the tap of a finger, and share on the network to build a “fan” following. 

Funimate allows users to surf the app by searching via hashtag, top Funimaters, Funstarz, and Rising Stars. The social aspect of the app comes in the form of viewing creations by other Funimate app users and having the option to follow them on the platform

Andro Vid -

Andro Vid logo

Andro vid download

AndroVid (or Trimmer, as it's called in Spanish) is a video editing tool that, despite being specifically designed to cut, paste, and merge video clips, lets you work with your videos in many other ways, as well.

With AndroVid, user can upload any video stored on your device's memory and then, once inside the editor, choose exactly where you want to make cuts and exactly where you want to combine different clips. This is all done with your fingertip in just a few seconds.

Cutting and pasting videos is the main function of AndroVid, but it's not the only one. You can also use the app to insert subtitles in any part of the video, choosing the size and color of the font, or even add effects and filters with a single touch.

Another great feature of AndroVid is the ability to convert your videos to other formats. This function, though only available with the PRO version of the application, enables you to convert your videos to formats like FLV, MP4, MP3, MPEG, and so on.

Magisto - Magical Video Editor -

Magisto logo

Magisto download

Is a video editing tool that takes control of converting your home videos into authentic movies - just like magic.

All you need to do is choose two or more videos, a song for its soundtrack, confirm your selections... and wait a few minutes for the program to work its magic, a process that will take its time depending on how many clips you've selected.

Once it's done, you can check and see how the app has used the best parts of your videos and has edited them using your sound track and the necessary transitions.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Best Free Note taking Apps for Android

Need to note down something important or the grocery list or about an important meeting? Here are the 4 Best Free Note taking Apps for Android.

Most of us carry mobile phone every time instead of note pad or note book. And when you need to note down something important do not worry. Just download the best note taking Apps on your mobile for Free.

We have many Note taking Apps for Android in Google Play Store, however all Note Taking Apps comes with similar features as reminders, checklist and making notes. Out of all of those Note Taking apps we have found the best among them. You even have choice to download any of them for Free.

Google Keep Notes: 

Google Keep Logo

Download button of google keep

Google Keep is developed by Google and is one of the best Note taking Apps. It has good appearance setting and the notes taken are directly saved to google account.
In this Google Keep you can take audio notes, instead of writing notes. Click Audio on this Note app and start recording. Google Keep comes with the reminder option, schedule your notes and Google Keep will remind you for it. With the help of Google keep you can even take a picture which directly connects to your camera or save an image to you notes.


evernote logo

download button of evernote

Evernote is the best Note taking apps, which is more than a note making app. Evernote gives the best features when compared with other notes. User can make audio notes or text notes, apart from these the best feature is user can attach any file to notes. User can directly take pictures for notes or choose images from gallery. It even has the reminder feature which all Note taking apps have.


onenote logo

download button one note

OneNote is developed by Microsoft. The best feature about OneNote is you can connect it your Microsoft account on your computer and get all notes made on your mobile over your computer. User can take audio notes and it has best writing features like Microsoft word. User can add URL to the notes, which can be directly opened in search engine. User can add Note button to take notes directly from screen without opening OneNote.


colornote logo

download button color note

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Latest and Unlimited Media for Android and iPhone | Zedge

Zedge App logo

Zedge app download google button

Zedge app download iPhone button

Many of us are very particular while buying a mobile phone whether it is an android or an iPhone. And for its better user experience we change wallpapers, Ringtones frequently and make it more personalized. We download ringtones of a favorite song or when we love the song from an upcoming film. And likewise we download wallpapers of a favorite character or scenery for a beautiful user interface directly from google or from any other app.

There are lot of apps in Google Play Store and App store which provides user the best ringtones or wallpapers to download. And Zedge is one of the best Media (Wallpapers & Ringtones) provider App.
Using Zedge App user can download unlimited and latest Ringtones and Wallpapers directly without searching in Google.

Zedge App provides unlimited wallpapers, Ringtones and Video wallpapers for free download. It is a web application which provides updated media to user regularly. User can search for any information to download. 
As it is a web based app there are lot of Ads on Zedge, however there is a paid version of app for without Ads. User can 'continue with Ads' for a free usage of App and can get access and download latest and unlimited media.

Wallpapers -

Zedge App provides featured high definition Wallpapers and are categorized. User can download wallpapers Animals, Anime, Bollywood, Logos, Cars & vehicles, Designs, Drawings, Entertainment, Funny, Games, Holidays, Love, Music, Nature, News & Politics, Others, Patterns, People, Sayings, Spiritual, Sport and Technology.
Based on the latest Trends, Zedge will update contents and media on its App. User can search and download latest media.

There is a customization feature for wallpapers, before downloading user can add emoji's, images and set different options.

Video Wallpapers -

Zedge provides more than the wallpapers. Most of the users do not use live wallpapers or Video wallpapers as there is chance of battery drain. However for more personalized usage user can download Video wallpapers. There are free and paid wallpapers, using Coins earned by watching videos or ads on Zedge app user can download all video wallpapers.

Ringtones -

Download top and latest movie songs as ringtones from Zedge App. Like Wallpapers there are many categories pop, Rock, Religious, Sound Effects and Hip Hop ringtones for free download. There is a play button to download the specific ringtone by playing.
User can directly share URL of  Ringtones and Wallpapers via Social media or Mail.